Eagles Fly for Leukemia

Our story began with a vibrant, 3-year-old little girl diagnosed with leukemia…

Eagles Fly for Leukemia supports the present and future of pediatric cancer:
the struggling families, the innovative researchers, and the dream-filled survivors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist families struggling through a childhood cancer diagnosis and to expand innovative childhood cancer research.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support pediatric cancer awareness and research that results in a cure for pediatric cancer.

Our Support

  • We provide families direct financial assistance
  • Award scholarships to childhood cancer survivors
  • Support emerging cancer therapies

Eagles Fly for Leukemia and the pediatric cancer community need your support. Please spread your wings and donate today!

$ 0M Research
0+ Supported Families
$ 0M+ Scholarships

How We Help

Eagles Fly for Leukemia is committed to raising support and awareness for childhood leukemia and other pediatric cancers. EFL supports increased funding, innovative research, and financial support for families whose children are battling cancer. Read more….

We urge you to spread your wings and support Eagles Fly for Leukemia.