How We Help

How We Help

Eagles Fly for Leukemia is committed to raising awareness and support for childhood leukemia and other pediatric cancers. EFL supports increased funding, breakthrough research, and financial support for families whose children are battling cancer.

After Kim Hill’s successful treatment, her father realized how powerfully the love, support, and community solidarity impacted their entire family and wanted to pay it forward. Hill and his neighbor, Stan Lane, created Eagles Fly for Leukemia to promote childhood leukemia awareness and raise funding for advanced research.

Pediatric cancer treatment has greatly advanced since the 1950's, when most children with leukemia lived only three to six months after diagnosis. Today, on average, the 5-year-survival rate for childhood leukemia approaches 85%, depending on the type and circumstance.

According to the American Cancer Society, leukemia is the most common cancer in children and teens and accounts for almost 1 out of every 3 childhood cancers. The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation adds that 43 children per day are expected to be diagnosed with cancer – the #1 cause of death by disease among children. Additionally, since 1980, fewer than 10 drugs have been approved for childhood cancer treatment, and the average hospital stay cost could exceed $40,000.

Only a small percentage (4%) of government cancer research funding is designated for pediatric cancer.

We are committed to:

  • Providing non-medical financial support for families impacted by a childhood cancer diagnosis
  • Sponsoring events to enhance the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families
  • Creating opportunities for the local business community and interested individuals to learn more about childhood cancers and EFL support
  • Funding research for and access to breakthrough pediatric cancer treatments and emerging therapies

Please spread your wings and donate to Eagles Fly for Leukemia – every dollar makes a difference!