Family Support Fund

Famly Support Fund

Families endure unimaginable mental, emotional, and often financial distress during a pediatric cancer diagnosis and the heart-wrenching treatment journey. EFL is committed to helping these families lessen the burden of necessary, non-medical expenses not covered by insurance. We accept applications through our Family Support Fund.

Eagles Fly for Leukemia Family Support Fund Criteria

What Expenses Do We Cover?

Families whose children are in cancer treatment are eligible to apply for funds to pay needed non-medical expenses, such as:

  • - Rents and mortgages
  • - Utilities
  • - Transportation to and from the hospital

Certain expenses are not eligible, including:

  • - Insurance premiums
  • - Cell phone plans for people outside of the immediate family or home
  • - Cash payment reimbursements sent directly to a vendor (e.g., a landlord, mechanic, or family member)

Which Hospitals Do We Support?

At this time, EFL only accepts applications through social workers at our dedicated hospitals:

  • - Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
  • - Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • - St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

What Is the Application Process?

The child’s social worker submits applications, funded based on need and a priority assessment of the child and primary caregiver. Only social workers may submit family support requests. The request must include:

  • - A cover letter written by the social worker, providing a brief description of the patient’s medical condition
  • - A statement sufficiently highlighting the family’s financial situation due to the child’s medical condition
  • - The creditors and amount to be paid on behalf of the patient or primary caregiver
  • - Copies of the bills to be paid and a completed EFL application form provided by social workers

The request is sent to at least two members of the EFL board of directors for approval. Once approved, the EFL treasurer verifies the patient has not exceeded the established annual limit and issues payment in the form of a check directly to the vendor. A status report is sent to the social worker for each patient request, detailing the family name, the vendor name, the amount paid, and the approval status (approved/denied). Note: All EFL board members serve as volunteers.